Thursday, February 9, 2012

Back Cover Review

Hello dear students,
Post a comment here with your reviews for the back cover of your favourite books.
Remember to include a brief summary of the plot and 3 or 4 blurbs.

Looking forward to reading them.


Teresa said...


This thrilling and charming romantic novel written by Nicholas Sparks is based in a true endless love story.

After the World War II Noah Calhoun returns his Sourthend small town and captivated by images of his exgirlfriend, he tries to attract her towards him. It is not easy due to she is engaged to a weathy man. The story of Noah and Allie has just started. After the years, an old man read Noah’s diary to his dearly beloved wife in a nursery home.

“The Notebook is the most lovely, heart warming and touching book I have ever read”

“It is definitely a terrific and awesome lasting love.”

“Its powerful read makes it difficult to put the book down.”
“Splendid…What’s enjoyable is that makes you an avid reader.”

Laura Diez said...


This tender-hearted novel centres on the life of a boy with autism. The remarkable thing is that a FRanciso X.Stork´s book about a so serious matter, can make you laugh.

Marcelo is a 17 year old special boy. He needs a timetable and repeting the same routines every day. Marcelo can´t understand different meanings of a word or abstract language. However he loves music and is able to look after a horse better than others.
Marcelo has to pass a very exciting exam: he is going to work in his father´s office during the summer and he will take part in an extraordinary adventure that let him discover the real life.

"A brilliant and captivating book... a successful debut"
"Marcelo is the bravest hero"
"It is a moving story full of humor, but ultimately it´s the characters that make this page-turning tale shine"

Laura Moreno said...

´Men are from Mars, women are from Venus´ is a curious book written by John Gray, an American author and relationship counselor. It is based on the fact that men and women seem to be from distinct planets. Both of them use the same words, share the same geographic place but each gender is familiarized to its own planet´s society, behaviour, language and customs, but not those of the other.

The lack of communication and of understanding, and what is worse, the bad interpretation of words and behaviours end up by extinguishing the love´s flames.

This self-help book teaches how to cope with men and women through communication and understanding.

`A splendid new masterpiece of John Gray....Exploring the differences between men and women you will learn how to handle everyday relationship´. The Times

`You can´t put it down because it´s very readable and a breathtaking self-help book!!´. New York Times.

`A fair amount of anecdotes and information....entirely gripping!´. Sunday Times

Carmen Nuevo said...

CITY OF GLASS by Paul Auster is the first volume of the New York Trilogy comoposed of City of Glass, Ghosts and The Locked Room. Written in 1985 Auster's work is an extremely fascinating book which covers almost every variety o a suspense novel. Quinn, a quick-witted writer of detective novels, receives a strange call in the middle of the night which leads him to become involved in the investigation of a mystery.

"A gripping detective novel which refreshes Hitchcock-like suspense"

"Captivating...An exciting sample of Auster's marvellous technique in mastering dark humour"