Sunday, November 13, 2011

Being British

The British Home Office has recently established that any inmigrant in the United Kingdom wishing to obtain the British citizenship must pass a TEST on British Culture and History in order to be granted the passport.

Research has shown that only One in SEven Brits can pass the test!

Would you like to learn a few facts about British democracy, history, politics or everyday life. Give the test a try logging into the following site: How British are You?

For a shorter version of the test and some brief information about it check this article published at the bbc webpage

Saturday, November 5, 2011

 This week we're going to continue exploring cultural stereotypes. Take a look at this article in the guardian to look into  a British view on how Spanish families cope with the economic crisis.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Congratulations Leonard!

            Leonard Cohen came this week to Oviedo to collect his prize as winner of the Prince of Asturias Award for Letters. We'll be listening to some of his lirics this week to celebrate this well-deserved prize. Any big fans of Leonard in the groups?
Or are you too young for that?

Read about it in the guardian

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Welcome to Billinsgate Fish Market in London.

In our first extended topic of the course we'll look into some of your favourite cities. Have you lived abroad?
Have you experienced the magic of a city during a holiday break? Have you backpacked along narrow roads throughout Europe?

Share your experience with us. Prepare a short presentation for your classmates for the coming lessons.

You could also browse the net for lots of surprising videos, invaluable tips, gripping articles and unmissable guides of your favourite cities around the world.

Here are a few tips:
Learn about the old Billinsgate Fish Market in this article and video.

Imagine 36 hours in Quebec with the help of the reporters from the New York Times.

Check the Time Magazine for some advice on what 10 things to do in San Francisco

Pay special attention to ADJECTIVES  and also the groups of ADVERBS+ADJECTIVES that are recurrently used to describe the different cities.

welcome to class

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What can we do at clickclickgo?
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- You'll find the online reading assignments that you have to do as homework and will be the basis for future lessons.

- You´ll find links to interesting sites which you might find useful for practising your different skills: newspapers online to do some reading; cool radio stations to do some listening; dynamic pages to practise those specific grammar aspects that are still driving you mad, etc.

- You can comment on the resources that you use and offer new suggestions.

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