Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Welcome to Billinsgate Fish Market in London.

In our first extended topic of the course we'll look into some of your favourite cities. Have you lived abroad?
Have you experienced the magic of a city during a holiday break? Have you backpacked along narrow roads throughout Europe?

Share your experience with us. Prepare a short presentation for your classmates for the coming lessons.

You could also browse the net for lots of surprising videos, invaluable tips, gripping articles and unmissable guides of your favourite cities around the world.

Here are a few tips:
Learn about the old Billinsgate Fish Market in this article and video.

Imagine 36 hours in Quebec with the help of the reporters from the New York Times.

Check the Time Magazine for some advice on what 10 things to do in San Francisco

Pay special attention to ADJECTIVES  and also the groups of ADVERBS+ADJECTIVES that are recurrently used to describe the different cities.

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